United Methodist Women held GLOW event June 10th

Posted By First UMC Eastpoint on Jun 1, 2023 |

Middle school and high school girls had a special time at this month’s GLOW (Go Light Our World) event on Saturday, June 10, 2023. For four hours, the girls got a chance to relax and focus on themselves while the women of the St George Island United Methodist Church pampered them. In what has become a regular event, the women of many talents enjoy putting on GLOW – which is a spa day filled with blessings. Envisioned as a day to boost self-esteem by showing the girls God’s love for them and the power of fellowship with others, GLOW offers the girls a hairstyling, makeup, clothing, shoes, and jewelry. If you are a girl in middle or high school (or someone you know is), keep an eye out for the next GLOW event and spread the word! You’ll love it.

GLOW flyer
Join the fun and be pampered at GLOW. Reserve your spot at the next GLOW!